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Telcan the newest way to call India ? and to call from India - Telcan is the Highest Quality, Feature Rich, PrePaid India Calling Card in The US, CANADA and INDIA!
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Telcan is the only India Calling Card that provides a bi-directional calling service which enables its customers to call to and from India on one account.
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India Calling Cards provides premium India Calling Card and Pre-Paid India Calling PIN Services for Indians living in the U.S., Canada and even India. We also service Indian Business Travelers requiring a reliable, low cost India card service to connect to their business or family in India.
We maintain our own customer service and routing staff in the U.S. and India on a 24 hour basis. We have live support available via web chat, phone call or email.
We have developed a unique Prepaid India Calling Service that allows 7 different calling and Free SMS techniques available on every Telcan Account. Telcan provides a full range of user options and features to Call India or to Call From India cheap. Telcan enables you to Call India, Call the U.S. or Call Canada easily and allowing you to use your own mobile phone or internet connection to make your India calling convenient and low cost. Telcan utilizes advanced, redundant call routing technology including multiple India and A to Z routes all designed to maximize your Calling to India experience. is the smart choice for making all your India calls. Please use a Telcan One Touch India Calling Card the next time you want to phone India!
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