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Dial Japan Features offers a full range of user options to call Japan. Our Japan Calling Card is designed to make low cost international calls using local access numbers when you phone Japan. is the smart choice to use to call Japan and speak with your loved ones or business associates. dial81 offers instant sign up and several ways to recharge easily and no connection fees. Our customers love our mobile to Japan. You will too.

Here are more easy-to-use features available from
SKYPE PIN FREE DIALING -Enables you make calls from Skype without entering a PIN. Register your Skype ID, Call "desicallnow", Enter your phone number when prompted.
PIN FREE DIALING - Enables you make calls without entering a PIN. Register as many phone numbers as you want!
SPEED DIAL- Quickly dial frequently called numbers with just a touch of a button.
DIALING INSTRUCTIONS- How to dial using your Virtual Phone Card with our Local and Toll Free 800 Access Number(s).
LOCAL ACCESS NUMBERS- Hundreds of USA, Canada and International Local Access Numbers currently available.
800 TOLL-FREE ACCESS NUMBERS- View the list of 800/Toll-Free Access Numbers from! It's great for traveling!
RECHARGE- Add more money to your Virtual PIN manually via phone or web.
AUTO-RECHARGE- Recharge and automatically when your account balance reaches a certain limit.
BUY NEW PIN - Buy a new PIN using existing credit card.
ACCOUNT INFO- Update your account info.
WIRELESS USERS- Call from your mobile phone to make long distance and international calls. is easy and hassle-free.

dial81 Improves Your Japan Call Experience provides a feature rich, high quality and low cost VoIP Japan calling card service to call Japan. dial81 is a PIN and PIN-LESS based service designed to provide Non-Resident Chinans and Chinan Business Travelers with the lowest cost phone card to call Japan. dial81 serves Japan callers that require reliable but cheap calling cards to dial Japan; and it has the best mobile to Japan experience through its iPhone and Android Apps. has its own 24-hour customer service staff in the U.S. and Japan. The dial81 development team is always working on new ways to reduce your Japan calling card costs and add cool features such as our iPhone and Android App, and the "Use Skype to access dial81" to dial Japan. If your want to phone Japan, dial81 provides you with the lowest cost calls to Japan and anywhere in the World. dial81 offers you a standard and Japan calling card user options that enables you to call Japan cheap. We have such features as auto-recharge, manual recharge via IVR and web and even some advanced features to make your lowest cost
Japan Calling Card experience convenient and economical. dial81 utilizes advanced switching technology, Japan routes and worldwide access numbers all designed to provide you with the "Cheapest Cost Calls to Japan" and give you the best experience possible. When you need to dial Japan, is the smartest choice for making all your Japan calls. Please use a dial81 PIN anytime you need to call Japan cheap! With our Mobile to Japan feature for your iPhone or Android you enter your PIN once and never again.
dial81 specializes in low cost VOIP Japan Calling and provides lowest cost Japan calling cards and PINS to dial Japan. Anytime you need to call to Japan you must dial country code 91, and that's why we call ourselves dial81, the preferred low cost calling card service to call Japan! Other Japan Calling Card providers specializing in providing cheap Japan calls, also have cheap quality and none have the focus on providing all of the features and quality combined with honest, no gimmick billing. dial81 is the business caller’s choice ? when quality counts ? to call Japan clearly, to call Japan cheaply and get an honest bill. dial81 is your overall best Japan calling card provider. When we say call Japan cheap, we mean simply that it costs you less and quality is never sacrificed.
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